Friday, September 28, 2018

Being Little

Mariah is new. Her world is new to her, too. She feels little, because everything is so big.

She feels very, very little.

Except for the few doll chairs, the chairs are very big.

Mariah told Charlotte that the chairs are too big to move.

"That's because they're heavy," Charlotte said.
"How do we sit in them?" Mariah asked.
"Sometimes we have to get help from others," Charlotte explained. "Children or grownups can lift us up and put us into the chair, if we want, or we can help each other if they aren't around."

"The refrigerator is very big, too," Mariah observed. "How do you get help getting food?"
"Of course, we don't really need real food, because we're dolls," Charlotte answered, "but if we did we would ask to be picked up, like this."

"Look how big the shoes are," Mariah said. "How can you put them on?"
"These shoes belong to people," Charlotte explained. "To grownups. We don't have to put them on, because they don't fit us. We have special shoes, just for us."

Mariah climbed into a very big, comfy chair to read a book. "Even the words in the books are big," said Mariah to herself. "What is 'b-i-s-c-u-i-t-s'? I can't sound that out to make any sense of it."

Mariah got down from the very big, comfy chair and went off to find Charlotte. She found her in the bedroom on the very big, comfy bed.
"I'm having trouble with this big word, Charlotte," Mariah explained. "I can't sound it out."
Charlotte helped Mariah climb up on the bed, so they could sit and look at the book together.

"It's 'biscuits,' Mariah," Charlotte explained. "See, it makes sense, because a person in the story has dog biscuits for the dog. Biscuits are like cookies."

"I think I see," said Mariah. "You don't just sound out the word. You figure out what makes sense in the story, and then you try to think of a word that fits the letters and the meaning."
"You are one smart cookie, Mariah," Charlotte said.
"A smart biscuit!" exclaimed Mariah.

They stayed on the very big, comfy bed, which was very comfy, and they chatted about other things that they thought were big, or that they needed help with.

When they had mentioned everything they could think of, they decided to get down to search the house for more things that were big and that they would need help with. They had taken off their shoes to get onto the bed, so they needed to put the shoes back on.
"I can put these shoes on all by myself," Mariah told Charlotte. "They are not too big."

"But I will need help from a person to get my shoes on and tied," said Charlotte, "even though my shoes are not too big. Fortunately, there is someone here who can help," she added. "That person is taking the photos."

The girls spent the next hour finding things in the house that were very big and that would take help to be able to use. Like the toilet, which was very big.

It was like a game. Charlotte had so much fun with Mariah that she decided to let her wear her pearl necklace. It looks so nice with Charlotte's black sweater, pants and shoes, which she had also loaned Mariah to wear. Charlotte's pearls were not too big for Mariah. Charlotte's clothes were not too big, either. They were just right.

"I know I'm going to enjoy being a member of this family," Mariah said with a sigh. "Even if most things are very big, and I need help with lots of things, and even if I'm very little."

"I know it's going to be wonderful, because I know I can get help if I need it and I will have clothes and shoes that are just right. I know that because I'm a smart biscuit!"

Mariah: Götz Happy Kidz Mariah, "Chosen" from My Doll Best Friend
Charlotte: Götz Happy Kidz Anna in Paris

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  1. smart kids, they have a lot to learn but will get there, Mariah looks very classy in black!

  2. I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to next weeks!


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