Friday, July 6, 2018

What Do Dolls Do on Their Day Off?

What Do Dolls Do on their Day Off?

What do dolls do when we aren't home? What are they up to when we're away? They can't just stand in your room and stare at the walls. Wouldn't that be boring?

Maybe they stay in their pajamas all day.

Or maybe they sleep while we're gone.

Do they get together and read a book?

Maybe they watch TV all day.

Do they play with their toys?

Or do they play games with each other?

Or do they they play with your toys?

Maybe they go into the kitchen and make some hot cocoa...

Or banana-oat waffles...

Or do the dishes.

Would they have a tea party?

Maybe they try on your clothes.

What if they tried on your mother's clothes?

Maybe they find your mother's purse.

Maybe they even find your mother's credit card and buy some things for themselves online while you're gone!

Maybe they go for a hike in the woods.

What if there's a bear in the woods?

They could invite the bear into the house for a snack, couldn't they?

Maybe there's a bear in your house right now!

Or maybe they just sit patiently, right where you left them, waiting for you to come home and play with them.

What do you think your dolls do while you're away?

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